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A-103Add-On,Extend D.E. 30m,0,Extends D.E.,A3WS$199.95
A-3SBeam,Triband,3 ele. 10,15,20m$599.95
A-3WSBeam,Dualband,3 ele. 12,17M$499.95
A-4SBeam,Triband,4 ele. 10,15,20M$699.95
A-743Add-On,Extend D.E. 30m or 40m,0,For A3S$199.95
A-744Add-On,Extend D.E. 30m or 40m,0,For A4S$199.95
ASL-2010Beam,Log-Periodic,8 ele. 6.4 avg.,13.5 - 32 MHz$999.95
MA-5BBeam,Multiband,3 ele. 10,12,15,17,20M$499.95
TEN-3Yagi,Monoband,3 ele. 10M$299.95
X-7Beam,Triband,7 ele. 10,15,20M$1,099.95
X-740Add-On,Monoband,1 ele. 40m, X7$369.95
XM-240Beam,Monoband,2 ele. 40M$999.95

Vert,Monoband,Gplane 160m,0,Radal wire incl.
$299.95 each

Vert,Monoband,Indep 70cm,7,Ringo II
$99.95 each

Beam,Dualband,3el + 3el 2m,70cm,7.8,7.8,one boom
$129.95 each

430-440MHZ, YAGI, 11ELE, 13.2DBI, 350W
$119.95 each

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