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Customer Reviews for the A-3S.

From: Cesar EA3CEC
Plenty of DX, many years now with great success.

Good job!

From: Malcolm Pelham WF5K
I finished installation of my A-3S on May 9, 2013 with the A743 Add-On kit for 40 meters. The antenna assembly was easy and straight forward. I set it up for center of the bands and when tested with my Analyzer the SWR was lowest at the Center Frequency of all bands. On the air it measured the same with SWR 1.5:1 in the center of the bands. The antenna works great and I am very satisfied with the performance and ease of assembly. It's up at 42 feet and works like a champ. I'm a happy ham with my A-3S,


From: Joe Green N6JPG
I just completed assembling and installing my A-3S this past weekend. I assembled the antenna on a temporary short mast on my back deck which is about 4' above ground level. The antenna was about 10' above ground level and more or less even with my rain gutters. My analyzer showed that the SWR was a little high on all three bands and not terribly resonant on 20 meters. However when I did a few test transmissions with my QRP rig, I was able to work stations in Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, all from Northern California on 5 watts or less sitting on a temporary mast. Further research I found on some of the online forums also showed that the resonance and SWR would change once its on the mast on the roof and I found this to be the case.
Once installed in its permanent location, the SWR was 1.5:1 or less across all the bands just following the recommended setup instructions for the phone portions of the bands. In use, I was able to work a number of stations in Japan, Brazil and across the US right away with great signal reports. The next day I was able to break through a pileup to a station in Lebanon with a 59 signal report after only one attempt.
This is a great antenna that is relatively easy to assemble, does not need a lot of height or a heavy duty rotor.

Beam,Dualband,3el + 3el 2m,70cm,7.8,7.8,one boom
$129.95 each

Vert, 9 HF BANDS,6,10,12,15,17,20,30,40,80M
$639.95 each

Vert,Dualband,Indep 2m,70cm,5, 7.5
$189.95 each

Beam,Triband,3 ele. 10,15,20m
$599.95 each

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