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Customer Reviews for the A-4S.

From: james foster n1nu
Mine was installed over 25 years ago. It has been on the same tower in Nebraska for over 25 years without any service or maintenance. It performed flawlessly on the 2012 dx contest. Need I say more??????

From: Randy Krutz N8XGS
I had an A-4S up at 60ft from 1993 thru 2000. The antenna worked flawlessly for those seven years it was up. I set it up for the phone frequencies on 10,15,20 meters, center of the bands 1.1 / 1.2 swr and the outer extreme edges into cw and beyond my general class privileges 1.3 /1.5 swr. Double check all of your measurements a few times and you will be good to go.

Vert,8 HF BANDS, 6,10,12,15,17,20,30,40M
$539.95 each

Beam,Dualband,3el + 3el 2m,70cm,7.8,7.8,one boom
$129.95 each

Vert,Dualband,Indep 2m,70cm,3, 5.5
$129.95 each

2M, YAGI, 10 ELE, 13.2 DBI, 1KW
$139.95 each

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