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Customer Reviews for the AR-6.

From: Don AK4SJ
I just bought this antenna to use for a local net. It is advertised as covering 50mhz to 54mhz and it does. Just not all at once. You have to cut a stub .... that's kind of permanent, and you have to set the height .... that's not too easy to change .... and then you fine tune with a dinger on the ring. So I'm able to pin my 52.02mhz frequency for the net like I wanted, but it's not very wide band. Just beware if you think it will tune 50Mhz to 54Mhz and cover the whole band. It was not too difficult to assemble. You will need a small file if you want to perfect it. Overall I like the antenna and I'm glad I only wanted one primary frequency. This is the first review here and I wish I had known more before I bought it. Hope it helps you.

Beam,Dualband,3el + 3el 2m,70cm,7.8,7.8,one boom
$129.95 each

Beam,Triband,3 ele. 10,15,20m
$599.95 each

Beam,Dualband,5el + 5el 2m,70cm,10, 10,one boom
$169.95 each

Beam,Triband,7 ele. 10,15,20M
$1,099.95 each

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