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Customer Reviews for the MA-160V.

From: Clint Jeffrey VK3CSJ
To prospective buyers...this antenna works quite well indeed. I mainly operate AM on 1825 all signal reports haven been favorable. There are 5 to 10 stations that join in on a regular morning AM net called the Coffee Break net at 11:00 am, these stations are dotted around the city of Melbourne from 10 Kilometers away to 115 Kilometers. All hear me well running at 100 Watts. I use only 3 radial wires but more would be better. In comparison one morning I switched between an Inverted V for 160 and a Helical Antenna designed for the car but which is mounted on top of a 2 section tower its up at 17 meters and is worked against the Tower. The Dipole produced the weaker signal strength overall, the difference between the Helical and the MA-160V was marginal transmit wise, some stations reported not seeing much difference in signal strength if anything the Helical was producing a half 'S' point stronger signal, interestingly the SWR on the Helical is around 2.1:1 whereas the MA-160V is around 1.4:1...so transmit wise not a whole lot of difference between the two the Helical offering just the slightest improvement. BUT...where the MA-160V shines is reception, the Helical like the MA-160V are vertical which means its an all round looker, the noise floor on the Helical is 6 dB higher than the MA-160V!...so when trying to copy weaker AM signals which one are you going to favor!...overall the MA-160V works well for a relatively compact vertical you still need to have a little space for ground wires out to 40~50 feet and running 3 radials is working for me but then my ground conductivity is pretty good as the antenna is only 50 feet from a small creek! Its not hard to build together but you will definitely need assistance in raising it vertical and placing the 3 guys ropes in place!

My Radio an IC-756PROIII
Clint - VK3CSJ

Vert,Dualband,Indep 2m,70cm,3, 5.5
$129.95 each

Beam,Triband,3 ele. 10,15,20m
$599.95 each

Vert,8 HF BANDS, 6,10,12,15,17,20,30,40M
$539.95 each

Beam,Dualband,5el + 5el 2m,70cm,10, 10,one boom
$169.95 each

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