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Customer Reviews for the R-9.

From: Mark Challender ng2g
i have had my r9 in operation for about a year. It is connected to an mfj929 tuner and a Yaesu ft450at.

I have contact to Bulgaria, and other Central European countries as well as Western Europe and Eastern Asia. During the ARRL centennial I contacted 44 states. My furthest contat was a little over 9000 miles.

I am only using 100 watts.

I love the antenna.

From: shozo okuya ja2rgh
I installed R9 for just a week ago,
I am satisfied very much, I contacted EU,s(DL,YU,HA,4O,S5).
Just 10ft(3meters)above the ground and 8 inches apart from the house-wall
my rig is ICOM IC775(200w). JA2RGH

From: mark vess kc1acf
After searching for several months for a multiband vertical, I began to look at the Cushcraft R-9. I found a number of reviews on it but they were either disappointing or incomplete with only a few extolling the virtues of this antenna. I wanted to have a vertical multiband with no ground radials for our club Field Day up high in the air and not on the ground. This is the tallest of all 80M thru 10M verticals. This is the antenna for the job! The R-9 assembled easily over several days with some patience and scrutinizing of the manual. The antenna was installed on an 18 foot long car trailer with a winch, a base hinge and an aluminum 20 foot tower. Six feet of 2 multi-wall mast connects the antenna to the tower. Two sets of guy lines on the tower and above the vertical traps keep things aligned during wind gusts. This is a must have!
The Cushcraft R-9 was a match on all bands right out of the box by following the assembly instructions carefully! I used Vernier calipers in two sizes to set it up. I made no adjustments to this antenna. All bands, 80, 40, 20, and ten were close to 1 to 1.1 and less than two. The analyzer arrives tomorrow to finalize tuning but so far I have enjoyed all good contacts from eastern USA, Canada, Saint Croix and Italy. I have used a 270 Buckmaster 9 band OCF dipole for years and an ongoing A/B comparison shows the R-9 equaling or surpassing the Buckmaster on 40M and 20M. The R-9 excels on 10M and is a couple of Dbs below the Buckmaster on 75/80M. I have yet to try 6M, 12M, 15M, 17M, and 30M. This is a great antenna overall and it truly works on all the main bands so far. Stay tuned for the results on the other bands. Mark, KC1ACF

Vert, 9 HF BANDS,6,10,12,15,17,20,30,40,80M
$639.95 each

Beam,Triband,7 ele. 10,15,20M
$1,099.95 each

Vert,Dualband,Indep 2m,70cm,5, 7.5
$189.95 each

Vert,Monoband,Indep 6m,3,Ringo
$99.95 each

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